Copperfield Academy Uniform



It is our policy that all children should wear clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos. We provide a complete list of the items needed for children’s school uniform in this policy.


Our policy for children’s school uniform is based on the belief that a school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • engenders a feeling of community and belonging
  • is practical and smart
  • identifies the children with the school
  • is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)
  • makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents and carers
  • has been designed with health and safety in mind.


On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are plain earring studs in pierced ears. We ask the children to remove these items during PE and games.

Make up and Cosmetics including Transfers

Make up and cosmetics are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Headteacher has given permission.


The school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children or where the haircut could produce a risk to the child’s health and safety. This is especially important when considering “designs” to be shaved into hair, as many designs have gang-related or crime-related influence.


We believe that in school it is dangerous for children to wear any form of platform soles or high heels. School shoes should be fully black. The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults, which involves taking part in sporting activities and exercise. To enable your child to safely take part in a wide range of break time sports and games making full use of adventure equipment children should wear shoes that are not loose fitting or that restrict foot movement. We require all children to wear the types of shoe described in the uniform list.

PE Kit

We insist that parents/carers provide PE kit for their children. We ask that this is washed and clean. The kit needs to be appropriate for sporting activities which includes allows for the child to have free movement, be comfortable and appropriately covered. Clothing needs to be provided to suit various weather conditions. Children are sorted into ‘Castles’ so we ask for them to wear their Castle Colours:

  • Rochester – Blue
  • Dover – Red
  • Hever – Yellow
  • Leeds – Green

Non-Uniform Days or Birthday Days

We want the children to be aware of the circumstances of others and find ways to help, give back and support those who are less privileged. We host non-uniform days to raise money for charity; these are part of the school’s motivation to an active member of the community. We invite everyone to join in these day and value any contributions. Copperfield will often suggest an amount of money we would hope that families contribute. However, if children cannot or do not want to take part in this we will respect this. If financial reasons are part of this decision making, please talk to the school about this as we do not want any child to be excluded from participating.

Birthdays – on a child’s birthday, they are allowed to wear non-uniform. The purpose of this is to let others wish the child a happy birthday. This is voluntary and optional.

The Role of Parents/Carers

We ask all parents/carers who send their children to our school to support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents/carers have a duty to send their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their daily schoolwork. Parents/carers should ensure that their child has the correct uniform, and that it is clean and in good repair. Parents/carers may be informed, of any lack of appropriate school uniform or PE equipment. The level of responsibility held by the children for their own personal presentation will be judged by the Headteacher according to the age of the child and the particular circumstances.

The school welcomes children from all backgrounds and faith communities. If there are particular reasons, for example religious beliefs, why parents/carers want their child to wear clothes that differ from the school uniform, the school will look sympathetically at such requests. Similarly, should an item of school uniform prove problematic for a pupil with disabilities or a medical condition, then parents/carers are invited to draw this to the attention of the Headteacher who will view these concerns sympathetically. These requests should be submitted in writing to the Headteacher.

Incorrect Uniform

If parents/carers are unable to comply with the School Uniform Policy for any reason, then a note should be sent to the class teacher explaining why this is the case and when it is anticipated that the child will be back in full school uniform.

The school will challenge where the correct uniform is not in place. It is the discretion of the school to determine what is compliant with this policy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Copperfield Primary School

We aim to ensure that no member of the school community experiences harassment, less favourable treatment or discrimination within the learning environment because of their age; any disability they may have; their ethnicity, colour or national origin; their gender; their religion or beliefs. We value the diversity of individuals within our school and do not discriminate against anyone because of ‘differences’. We believe that all our children matter and we value their families too. We give our children every opportunity to achieve their best by taking account of our children’s range of life experiences when devising and implementing school policies and procedures.

Further to recent conversations, with both children and adults, and in support of our own values’ position as a learning community and in full alignment with REAch2 Touchstones of ‘integrity’ and ‘inclusion’, I wanted to share our position on uniform, especially as the warmer weather is on the way.

As I am sure you know girls are permitted to wear trousers or shorts if they wish – this has traditionally been called boys’ uniform. To be wholly transparent, boys may also choose to wear what has traditionally been seen as ‘girls’ uniform’ – dresses and skirts, if they so wish.

At Copperfield we are happy with this, completely accepting of it, and respect every child’s decisions (which may change over time, or not) to wear the items of uniform which make them feel happy and comfortable as themselves.

This does not affect any current, or under review PSHCE policy, nor any (current, or under review) SRE policy (from September 2020, to be known as RSE) – everything will continue to be taught at the age-appropriate stage and in-line with statutory requirements.

Any discrimination or derogatory comments or expressions of opinion, (in any form whatsoever), and/or ‘looks’ against/towards children and families who make such choices will be taken most seriously and consequences will be given following our behavioural expectations, our inclusion policy, our equalities objectives and our anti-bullying policy.

As a school we value and support all our children and families and we are determined that every child will feel happy within themselves and cared for as part of our community.

I am confident that you will join me in respecting any child’s decisions and I will welcome your acceptance, sensitivity and kindness in this matter.


Parents/carers can order uniform through completing a form which is held in the main office. Cash is accepted at the main office.

Nursery and Reception

  • Purple sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece (If you would like a school logo sweatshirt then these are available to order from school office)
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Black jogging bottoms
  • Black trainers with velcro fastening
  • Black shorts (jogging bottoms in Winter), white t-shirt and plimsolls or trainers

Year 1 – Year 5

  • Purple sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece (If you would like a school logo sweatshirt then these are available to order from school office)
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • White polo shirt
  • White or grey socks
  • Purple/Lilac checked summer dresses
  • Black school shoes
  • Black shorts (jogging bottoms in Winter), white t-shirt and plimsolls or trainers for PE

Year 6

  • Black blazer (If you would like to order a badge then these are available from the school office)
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • White or grey socks
  • White shirt
  • School Tie (tie available to order from the school office)
  • Black school shoes
  • Black shorts (jogging bottoms in Winter), white t-shirt and plimsolls or trainers for PE

School Uniform Price List

Sweatshirts (Round Neck)


22”         Age 2-3                 £10.00

24”         Age 3-4

26”         Age 5-6

28”         Age 6-7

30”         Age 7-8

32”         Age 9-10

34”         Age 11-12

35”         Age 12                  £11.00


36”          XS Adult               £11.50

38 “         S Adult

40”          M Adult



22”         Age 2-3                      £12.00

24”         Age 3-4

26”         Age 5-6

28”         Age 6-7

30”         Age 7-8

32”         Age 9-10

34”         Age 11-12


36”          XS Adult                   £15.00     

38 “         S Adult

40”          M Adult




24            Age 3-4                 £13.50

26            Age 5-6

30            Age 7-8

32            Age 9-10

34            Age 11-12



36             XS Adult                £15.00

38             S Adult

40             M Adult


PE Shirts – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green


22”         Age 2-3                      £6.00

24”         Age 3-4

26”         Age 5-6

28”         Age 6-7

30”         Age 8-9

32”         Age 10-11

34”         Age 12


36”          XS Adult                    £7.00

38 “         S Adult

40”          M Adult

White Polo Shirts with Logo  (Optional)


22”         Age 3-4                   £6.00

24”         Age 4-5

26”         Age 5-6

28”         Age 6-7

30”         Age 8-9

32”         Age 10-11

34”         Age 12


36”          Age 13-14             £7.00


38 “         S Adult

40”          M Adult                 £7.50


Black Shorts  (these can be purchased elsewhere)


Age 5-6                                     £4.50

Age 6-7

Age 8-9

Age 9-10

Age 10 -11

Age 11-12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15

Book Bags  (Small)    £6.00 Book Bags (Large)  £9.50
PE Bags                       £5.00 Badge                       £5.50 (Year 6 only)
Water Bottle             £2.00 Ties                           £7.50 (Year 6 only)