Career Related Learning

Career-related learning at Copperfield Academy is about opening up a world of opportunities for our children. We want to show our children that opportunities are endless, exposing them to a wide range of experiences, by encouraging them to understand that they can be anything they want to be, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or where they live.  

Our career-related learning has been designed to motivate and fire the imagination of our children, especially when it comes to learning. Our pedagogy linked to aspirations allows the children to learn more about their own abilities and talents and see the links between their learning and their future. 

If you would like to find out more about career-related learning – here are a few suggestions and resources that could help you inspire you children at home! 


The BBC has a series of short films introducing a variety of careers, and the book series Little People, Big Dreams and Little Leaders introduce young readers to inspiring people from diverse backgrounds across a range of disciplines. Young, Gifted and Black by Jamia Wilson also lists 52 icons from the past and present to empower the next generation of changemakers. 

Thinking about the future 

This is an ideal link to introduce pupils to the world of work.

–         My World of Work is a digital tool to help children find out more about which jobs might suit them 

–         The DfE’s Activity Passport is a helpful checklist to encourage your students to learn new skills and try out new hobbies 

–         A New Direction’s Learning Lenses resources developed through the Steve McQueen Year 3 project have some discussion and drama ideas. Start with I am Excellent and Strike a Pose from the Snapshots unit, and then follow on with Superheroes of the Future from the Selfies unit 

 Further Resources

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