If you are joining our family, please enjoy our virtual tour here! 

Welcome to Copperfield Academy

Here, at Copperfield Academy, children are at the centre of all we do.

Our vision, redefined in 2018, still stands true, and will endure any test of time:

‘Children are our Priority, Change is the Reality, Collaboration is our Strategy’

We are delighted to publicly share that this has been formally recognised in our most recent Ofsted inspection and, despite 18 months of globally challenging times, we have proven ourselves, and are now embarking upon the next stage of our journey towards highly effective care, education and provision that we desire to be recognised as truly exceptional.

We can confidently state that:

  • ‘Children are our priority’. They are front and centre at our diverse and multicultural school
  • Children get off to a flying start in Nursery and Reception – there is a palpable buzz in Nursery and Reception classes
  • Our pupils are proud of their school and their work
  • Our pupils listen intently to their teachers
  • Our pupils are well-behaved and relish all that school has to offer
  • Our pupils are unfailingly polite and friendly
  • Our pupils learn and play harmoniously together
  • Our pupils say that ‘difference is welcomed at our school, and we stand up for each other’
  • There is a strong feeling of camaraderie and teamwork
  • Our staff feel valued
  • We have established a culture where the well-being and safety of pupils are paramount

It was formally recognised that Copperfield Academy is a vibrant school.  Classrooms are calm and purposeful places, where pupils learn in a safe atmosphere. Leaders are determined that every pupil’s experience, regardless of their individual needs, is a positive and successful one.  As a result, pupils flourish and thrive.

In our school everyone is cared for as a unique individual. We ensure all our children acquire effective social and communication skills so that they can, in turn, show that they are caring people, respectful of the diverse world in which we live and respectful of others’ beliefs.

We are committed to building a family community, fully determined to work alongside, and with, parents and carers to prepare their children to be life-long learners and responsible citizens who will all, one day, make a positive contribution to our world.

We believe in challenging every child to achieve the very best they can. We believe that intelligence is not fixed but that with challenging experiences there is no limit to ability. We strive daily to provide high-quality first teaching and learning to make this happen.

Our REAch2 Touchstones of Enjoyment, Inclusion, Inspiration, Integrity, Learning, Leadership and Responsibility underpin the expectations we have of ourselves, how we act towards each other in our school and outside in the community.

We believe that learning is a life-long process: we are all learners trying to get better in every aspect of our lives, summed up in our mission:

‘Challenge and Aspiration – Learning for Life!’

Education is an essential ingredient for your children’s future success. By taking the time to build character in every child through our ethos, ’The Copperfield Way’, ‘Learning@Copperfield’, our codes of conduct, our sequenced, cohesive and progressive curriculum and values’ led assemblies, we can teach and nurture all our children to be successful.

The local community now has a school to be proud of because we are not afraid to make our expectations clear and ensure they are followed.

We look forward to you visiting, and joining us!