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Copperfield Academy’s Intervention Board has been established by the REAch2 Academy Trust Board to secure the rapid turnaround of the Academy. Whilst the Intervention Board is in place, the Scheme of Delegation for the Local Governing Body shall be suspended. The Intervention Board shall meet at least twice a term, more if necessary and shall report directly to the REAch2 Academy Trust Board, who will be supported by the REAch2 Leadership and Executive Teams and the relevant REAch2 Regional Director. Additional reporting may also be necessary to the Department for Education, if any warning notices have been served under the Supplemental Funding Agreement.

The Intervention Board will ensure that the Transformation Plan, and the Statement if Action submitted post-inspection, is being implemented and will advise on the development and review of the Plan, focusing on 5 key areas of action; leadership & governance, standards & school improvement, teaching & learning, facilities & resources and finance.


Members of the Intervention Board will have been appointed by the REAch2 Academy Trust Board on the recommendation of REAch2 Chief Executive Officer, who will ensure the members have both the capacity and skills to work intensively within the Academy, providing support and challenge to the Academy’s staff and building on existing links with the community. Board members must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the ethos and values of REAch2 and a commitment to fulfilling REAch2’s mission and objectives for the Academy, drawing on specialist skills where required. Whilst there is no limit on the size of the Intervention Board, it is not anticipated that there will be more than 3 members, one of whom will be appointed by the Chief Executive Officer to chair all meetings. Others, such as the Regional Director and the Executive Headteacher , may be asked to sit on the Intervention Board in an advisory capacity.

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