Meet our Attendance Team

If you have any questions at all about your child’s attendance, here is who you can ask:

  • Karen Parker – you will see Karen Parker every morning as she does ‘late gates’, she will be one of the staff members to call you if your child is absent. You can talk to Mrs Parker about about why your child was late or absent and you can bring any medical evidence to her.
  • Office staff – these are the staff you will speak to first if you phone the school about absence. You can explain to them the reasons for your child’s absence or lateness and they will note it down. They may ask you questions to be really clear they are putting down the right thing. The office have forms and leaflets to do with attendance.
  • Mr Clark – as Headteacher, Mr Kiff leads on attendance. He will invite you to meetings about attendance and you could ask to speak to him if you have important information about your child’s attendance. Mr Clark mostly works with families where the children are persistently absent (attendance less than 90%), because this is very serious. Mr Clark also does assemblies and rewards really good/most improved attendance. If you want to request a holiday during term time or special leave then you must write to Mr Clark. He is the only person who can allow families to miss any school for this reason. Please remember the policy of the school, the local authority, the Trust and the Government is to say no to holidays during term time.
  • Education Welfare Officer (EWO) – We work very closely with Simone, the EWO from Kent county council. She supports Mr Clark and Mrs Parker by taking on the cases where pupil attendance is extremely low – less than 90%. Simone is the person who works with the school to issue fixed penalty notices where they are required, and to prepare cases for court.