Asking for special leave

What is special leave?

This is when you need to take your child/ren out of school during term time because you cannot avoid it. An example of this is a religious observance.

Religious observance (code R)

Copperfield Academy recognises that there may be times where children of different faiths observe religious festivals that fall outside of school holidays and weekends, and will consider authorising absence for these times. This covers important events in the calendars of the six main world religions, such as Eid or Orthodox Christmas or Easter. We expect parents to be aware of these dates, well in advance. If it is authorised, the headteacher will decide how many days.

External examinations (code C)

Some of our children take additional classes or study additional skills outside of their time at school. This is something we greatly encourage at Copperfield. If time is needed to sit an exam for these activities, or appear in a public performance then this is considered to be special leave. Evidence of the date and time of the exam/trial, or a performance license, in the case of appearing in a public performance, will be needed in order to authorise.

Induction days/interviews/examinations for secondary schools (code J)

Only for year six pupils and most likely to happen in the autumn term and the end of the summer term. Evidence of being registered for an exam and being invited for interview/induction, must be provided in order to authorise.

Applying for special leave

For all of these circumstances (above) parents should request the leave in the normal way by completing a term time leave request in advance (download the PDF here or collect from school office).

If you believe you have a very good reason to take your child out of school during term time, and it is not one of the above, then please put it in writing to Mr Wood using the form here. If Mr Wood makes the decision to authorise then evidence will be required. Mr Wood will then write to you, telling you what that evidence is required.