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Welcome to Year 5 at Copperfield. Our aim is to prepare the children well for their final year of primary school and in turn, the End of Key Stage 2 SATs tests.

We focus on ensuring that they have secure understanding of the Core Subjects: English, Maths, Science and Computing, while also making creative cross-curricular links and further developing their knowledge of other subjects.  In addition, we provide extra-curricular experiences, such as day trips and visitors to the school. Children are also given the opportunity for additional responsibilities around the school: Young Leader role (Break-times and Lunchtimes)  and Learning Council role, to help them to develop: independence, resilience, perseverance, leadership and social skills and respect and appreciation for diversity.


Year 5 Flyer 2021

Year 5 Book List


This terms topic is Titanic. We are really looking to learning all about the Titanic, how it sunk and other exciting facts.

Titanic a disaster that could have been avoided?