Home Learning

At Copperfield, our vision is ‘Challenge and Aspiration, in Learning for Life’. We believe that learning happens all the time in a variety of ways and what our children do in school influences what they do out of school and vice versa.

We believe wholeheartedly in empowering our families to learn together and our aim is to welcome you in regularly to learn alongside each other.

We also appreciate that family time is precious and external activities enrich and enhance our children’s lives. Whilst we want our children to extend their academic school linked learning outside of school hours, we do not want it to become a burden or impact negatively on family life.

Our home learning policy is simple:

We ask all our families to –

Spend time talking with your child/ren, follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and, ask your child what they have been talking about in assemblies and enjoy quality discussion and debate about contextual events and news.

Read with your child every day. Get them to read to you. Talk about what you are reading. Tell stories that you know and love. This does not have to take up a lot of time. Be creative where and when you read and tell stories. Could your child read in the car? Could you tell stories whilst you are washing up? Children learn by repetition – they love to read and hear the same stories time and time again. Read in whatever language you are comfortable with – dual language can only enhance learning. Take your child to the library in – make it into a family outing to make it more exciting. Please write in your child’s learning journal when they have read.

If your child is learning to read using the RWI phonics system, use the strategies and questions at the front and back of the book to help them to develop both phonetical and non-phonetical reading, whilst supporting their comprehension and widening their vocabulary.

Find some time for your child to complete supplementary reading activities – these will be different in different year groups and will be set according to need. E.g. From Year 2 onwards, activities will usually be linked to their learning journey or core text.

We encourage you to support our youngest pupils with early number recognition and understanding. Children in Nursery and Reception are given an individual log in to Ten Town, this software is a fun and exciting way for your children to engage with number. Pupils are able to access games and learning activities for you to complete as a family. The system will track your child’s progress, it also shares the completed activities with your child’s class teacher.

Get involved in improving your child’s calculation strategies. Children in Years 1 to 6 are given access to My Maths – they have their own log in and can access these remotely on any electronic device. The app doesn’t use up any of your wi-fi or data allowance and can be played anywhere. Short, regular bursts are best – the app will track your child’s progress and adjust the learning for them. If you do not have access to an electronic device let your child’s class teacher know and they will ensure opportunities for them to access at lunchtimes or before school if they attend breakfast club.

Help your child to keep their homework journals and reading books in good condition – pride in their own learning and respect for themselves and their property are vital life skills that will help them to achieve in life. Spelling and SPAG learning can be recorded in these.

Most of all have fun!

Home learning should not be onerous, take up hours of time and is there to help your child to share their learning journey with you.

Copperfield Academy Home Learning

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